About Xenia Blair

I am a hard working, motivated and interesting woman who has traveled a quite deal in my younger years. I grew up on Bali, an island in Indonesia. My mother is an artist and my father was a great writer/filmmaker, this has pushed me into someone that wishes to step out of his shadow.

Currently I am in living the Netherlands and graduated from Animation and Audio/Visual Design at the Grafisch Lyceum Utrecht. I love working with programs such as Animate (Flash), Photoshop and Illustrator. I am stubborn and when it matters I stand for what I believe in.

Contact me if you want your story told or your moment captured.
Photography workshops are available as well.


Xenia Blair
Address: Ryelandstraat 83
Postcode: 3573 SZ, utrecht
Tel: +31 6 373 98 410
E-mail: info@blairproductions.com

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