About Xenia Blair

I am a hard working, motivated and interesting woman who has traveled a quite deal in my younger years. I grew up on Bali, an island in Indonesia. My mother is an artist and my father was a great writer/filmmaker, this has pushed me into someone that wishes to step out of his shadow.

Currently I am in living the Netherlands and graduated from Animation and Audio/Visual Design at the Grafisch Lyceum Utrecht where I now occasionally teach photography or fill in for other teachers. I love working with programs such as Animate (Flash), Photoshop and Illustrator. I am stubborn and when it matters I stand for what I believe in.

Contact me if you want your story told or your moment captured.
Photography workshops are available as well.
But most important of all is you can buy my work to hang on your wall via Werk aan de Muur. Commissioned work is also possible.


Xenia Blair
Address: Ryelandstraat 83
Postcode: 3573 SZ, utrecht
Tel: +31 6 373 98 410
E-mail: info@blairproductions.com

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