SSBU instructions

These video’s were ushered by the Stads Schouwburg Utrecht, a theater. The goal was making a couple of fun instruction videos for internal use, with some inside jokes. And they had to be functional on mute as well.

Defiantly a fun project to work on! Everything is Dutch spoken.

Leonie presenteert de sloof

In this video Leonie illustrates the proper etiquette of how to wear an apron. And at the end emphasises that when you wear an apron you should tie your hair as well. It might sound silly to have an instruction video about this but people did tend to sloppily tie their aprons.

Adam presenteert de koffiemachine

The video with the most steps, which was properly cleaning the coffee machine. Most of the steps could be read on the display of the machine, even so the small things often got forgotten or skipped when teaching a new employee.

Sander presenteert de kleine caesar salade

In the cafe of the theater the waiting staff prepared most dishes, like the Caesar salad. To keep the quality of serves equal Sander teaches us which ingredients to use and how to present it.